Hello and welcome to Turbos and Tantrums, an attempt to tell the story of modern Formula One, which for various reasons expanded on in the introduction I have declared to begin with the 1981 season – largely because you’ve got to start somewhere.

For each season, I’ll start with a review of the teams and drivers competing in the new season, and proceed through each race chronologially, making an attempt to avoid writing with hindsight or anticipating events yet to come. No “the first of many victories to come” or “this would turn out to be his last victory in F1 even though he continued driving for several years”. Just the story of the season unfolding as it did at the time.

The aim, such as it is, is to look at the narrative of the ongoing seasons. Although we may know who won the championship in a given year, it may surprise some and come as a nice reminder to others the way in which that was achieved, the characters and “sub-plots” woven through the main championship battles and so on.


5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thank you so much for your fantastic job and website. I hope you’ll continue your amazing job because I would like to read all the seasons (if possible to nowadays!)


  2. Love the blog. The concept is exactly the sort of thing I’m interested in. So much writing about F1 history focuses on the overarching narratives, the big figures and the major events – it’s nice to see someone doing proper season reviews in the context of the time – the only other way to get that is to buy books from the time, which is quite hard as far as the 80s concerned. Thanks for this


    1. Thanks, that’s the general idea. From 1987 to about 1995, I think, there are the excellent “Murray Walker’s Grand Prix Year” books, published annually which go through race-by-race and are one of my primary sources for this period. There’s quite a bit of 80s F1 on YouTube too, but you have to put up with either Brazilian or Japanese commentary/graphics most of the time so it can be a bit hard to follow!


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