1982-Slim-Borgudd-Team-Tyrrell-Tyrrell-011Tyrrell had lost Eddie Cheever to Ligier, but retained the promising youngster Michele Alboreto who took over the lead car, with Slim Borgudd in the second seat. The team was still almost entirely devoid of sponsorship as it had been much of the way through 1981, and while Ken Tyrrell and co were past masters of making the most of a limited budget they would be hoping to attract some investment soon to end the team’s worst run in history. Tyrrell would continue with the 011 chassis that had been introduced partway through the last season, and the Cosworth DFV V8 engine still used by much of the field, so unless Alboreto and Borgudd could pull off something special, chances for a repeat of 1981’s disappointment were good.

Alboreto3. Michele Alboreto it

The affable Italian had made a debut as a pay-driver at the start of 1981, but Ken Tyrrell had seen something promising in the youngster and kept him on for the remainder of the season, during which he had had some decent drives and would hope to do better with more experience under his belt in 1982.

borgudd4. Slim Borgudd se

Coming into F1 late, almost as a hobby, Slim Borgudd had surprised many in 1981 with a series of doughty drives in the unfancied ATS and had even scored a point. His reward was an offer from Ken Tyrrell for a full time drive in 1982.


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