FittipaldiThe Brazilian team limped on into 1982 having cut down to one car to reduce costs, still with no major sponsor and no signs of one emerging. Perhaps the best indication that the team’s main ambition for 1982 would be survival was that of their two 1981 drivers they elected to downsize the clearly more talented Rosberg and keep on the better-funded Chico Serra for their solo effort. A new car was on the drawing board but with no money to develop it, the old F8C was updated to an F8D to comply with regulations and that was the sum total of the team’s development over the winter. It was going to be a tough year for the team.

Chico-Serra20. Chico Serra br

Although Serra had only qualified five times in 1981, and only finished two of those, the young Brazilian can hardly be blamed for the failings of the car he had to work with. It was certainly a show of faith in him for the team to retain his services in 1982 when other well-funded drivers were available, and he would hope to repay that faith by doing the best he could with what he was given once again.


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