TheodoreTeddy Yip’s small Hong Kong-based team had had a decent first season, although a point in their first race turned out to be the season highlight. With little sponsorship money for development, the team nonetheless had a new car, the TY02, on the drawing board, though the TY01 would be used in South Africa. Patrick Tambay, who had scored their point, was released by Ligier at the end of 1981 and Yip had hoped to re-sign him for 1982, but instead the Frenchman announced his retirement from the sport, saying he just didn’t get on with the twitchy ground-effect cars. As a replacement, in came Irish driver Derek Daly, an undoubtedly talented driver who hadn’t done his reputation any good in the awful March-Ford in 1981.

daly33. Derek Daly ie

Daly’s 1981 was not the Irishman’s best season, and six DNQs on the bounce at the start of the year didn’t help his morale any. Things picked up once Salazar left and the team concentrated solely on Daly’s car and he managed to qualify for all races bar one after that, and although no points came he finished as high as seventh. Daly’s signing was good for Theodore but seemed to be a sign of the former McLaren man’s career winding down.


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