derek_warwick__united_states_1982__by_f1_history-d5qdby4The successful Formula Two team had had a baptism of fire in Formula One, with just one qualification apiece for Brian Henton and Derek Warwick, as the team struggled with an overweight chassis dubbed “the pig” for its poor handling. Lavish sponsorship by Candy electronics helped pay for a new chassis, the carbon-fibre TG183, though no date had yet been set for its introduction, and improvements to John Hart’s turbo engine. Testing showed improvements on pace from 1981 even with the TG181 chassis, and the team retained Derek Warwick, though Henton was dropped in favour of Italian driver Teo Fabi, insisted on by Candy after their attempt to capture Mauro Baldi fell through.

warwick35. Derek Warwick gb

Warwick had gained a great reputation in the junior formulae and his partnership with Brian Henton had dominated Formula Two in 1980, but a season failing to even qualify until the last race of the season had done neither his reputation nor his confidence any good at all. Nonetheless, he was a popular figure in the paddock and everyone hoped for better fortune in 1982.

teofabi36. Teo Fabi it

Another engineering student turned racer, Teodorico Fabi took up karting in his teen years, and by the age of 20 was the European Karting Champion, before moving up into Formula Ford 1600, taking the 1977 title. Formula Three came next, and Fabi impressed by winning three races in his debut season with the Forti Corse team running March chassis on his way to fourth in the championship, which got him a drive with the works March Formula 2 team for 1980 and he had been expected to take the step up with the team into Formula One in 1981, but lost out to the experienced Derek Daly. Fabi headed to America to race in CanAm with Paul Newman’s team and won four races, narrowly missing out on the title. His undoubted talent led Italian electrical goods firm Candy to sponsor him into the second Toleman seat for 1982.


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