RAM March

MarchThe March outfit had hoped for a better 1982 than their dismal debut season, only for things to continue much as they had been despite a bigger budget. Rothmans took their cigarette money elseswhere, leaving the team to continue rolling their own with loyal Rizla. At least the well-funded Eliseo Salazar arrived after ATS dropped to a single car, and Ralph and Macdonald decided to do likewise, though a second car would be built “for hire” to run at certain events for any local drivers who could afford the drive.

The March organisation took a step back and the team officially became RAM Automotive Team March despite a lack of any meaningful input from the parent company by this stage.

Salazar17. Eliseo Salazar cl

Salazar had started 1982 brightly with a decent 12th on the grid in Kyalami but it wasn’t to last and as the season went on it became obvious that he was much slower than Winkelhock and much more likely to end his race in a tyrewall or gravel trap – his most high-profile incident was the one with Piquet at Hockenheim. To be fair to Salazar, it was clear from early on that ATS’s priority was Winkelhock, and Salazar was just there to bankroll the team, so perhaps becoming the focus of the March team might help – if they could finally get their act together.


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