OsellaFollowing two tragic deaths in his team during their first two years in the sport, Enzo Osella spent much of the off-season contemplating withdrawing, but he was persuaded by friends to reconsider, and new sponsorship from Italian cosmetics firm Kelemata helped them expand to two cars again. Moreover, a deal was done with Alfa Romeo to use the V12 power units they had used in 1982, and now replaced with their new turbo engine. The handover of the Alfa Romeo team to Euroracing delayed the deal, so in the meantime the team would continue with the good old Cosworth DFV. Old boy Piercarlo Ghinzani returned alongside debutant Corrado Fabi, younger brother of Teo.

C Fabi31. Corrado Fabi it

Dragged along to watch his older brother competing in ski racing, young Corrado Fabi wandered and rented a go-kart for the afternoon and soon became smitten. By 14 he was driving for a factory karting team and at 18 he moved straight into Italian Formula 3, where his results saw him move up to European Formula 3 in 1980, partering Michele Alboreto at Euroracing on his way to an overall third. In 1981 he drove for March while also studying Aeronautics, and tested with Brabham at the end of the year. No F1 drive materialised, so he spent another year in F2, winning the 1982 title, before being offered an Osella drive.

Ghinzani32. Piercarlo Ghinzani it

The affable Italian had driven two races for Osella in 1981 following Miguel-Angel Guerra’s accident, but had ultimately lost out to the better-funded and more experienced Jean-Pierre Jarier. Finding no drive for 1982, Ghinzani turned to sportscars, where he partnered Michele Alboreto at Lancia. This led to a test for Tyrrell at the start of 1983, but despite being quickest of all, Danny Sullivan got the drive. A consolation prize was a full-time drive at Osella,


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