The Toleman-Hart-Warwick combination continued into its third year despite clear signs in 1982 that Warwick’s talent was being wasted in the sluggish car. There were, however, equal signs that Toleman were finally beginning to get to grips with Formula One and, while Derek’s fine drive at the British GP may or may not have been a fluke, the car was definitely becoming faster and more reliable, circulating in midfield instead of struggling to qualify. The TG182 had appeared at the end of 1982 ready for 1983, only to be junked when the new regulations appeared. Designer Rory Byrne had replaced it with the odd-looking TG183B, with its radiators mounted under the front wing instead of in sidepods, and a double rear wing. Alongside Warwick came Bruno Giacomelli, fired by Alfa Romeo after a lacklustre 1982, but an experienced test and development driver who could hopefully help the team continue to move forward.

Warwick35. Derek Warwick gb

Battling Derek Warwick had come to public attention after his Brands Hatch heroics in 1982 and it was clear throughout the year that he was a much better racer than his car was allowing him to show. Rumours placed him at Williams or Renault for 1983, but he ended up staying put and leading the team into a third season of F1. Testing times had been impressive, but how would he fare on race weekends?

Giacomelli36. Bruno Giacomelli it

The perpetually cheerful Italian’s laid-back attitude had looked too much like indifference to his Alfa Romeo bosses in 1982, and in truth it was hard to tell the difference on the track. After de Cesaris’ demolition-derby year with McLaren, the way he dominated Giacomelli in 1982 made the latter look much worse in comparison. Washing up at Toleman almost by default, it seemed clear that he was really there to develop the car and support Warwick, and unless he could revive his reputation his Formula One days could be numbered.


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