Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

After yet another disappointing season, albeit one with some flashes of optimism, Marlboro Italia departed the team as lead sponsor, and were replaced by Benetton, giving the car a green and red makeover to go with their new driver pairing. With Andrea de Cesaris and Mauro Baldi both shown the door, the team had done well to capture two good drivers in Riccardo Patrese and Eddie Cheever – released by Brabham and Renault respectively, and with a new 184T chassis to house the Alfa Romeo engine, the Euroracing organisation would hope that their second year in charge of Alfa Romeo’s racing team would finally yield better results.

Patrese22. Riccardo Patrese it

Patrese’s stock had diminished during 1983, his hard-driving style leading to too many retirements, exacerbated by the team’s favouring of Piquet. By the time he recorded his second race win (and only his second points finish of the season) at Kyalami, the damage was done and Patrese was on his way. He would be hoping that the move to Alfa Romeo would allow him to kickstart his career and show his undoubted quality – even if that was only by making the best of a bad job…


Cheever23. Eddie Cheever us

Poor “Fast Eddie” was a largely blameless victim of Renault’s implosion in 1983 – he always seemed to be the one with the technical problems, always the one with the engine failures. He didn’t seem at his best in qualifying, which didn’t help – he frequently left himself too much to do on race days, but he never let his racing instincts desert him, even when his good luck did. Shown the door along with Prost, the man brought up in Rome must have been delighted to sign for one of the great names of Italian motorsport, but with Alfa Romeo’s previous record he would need all his speed and sunny disposition.


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