Osella-Alfa Romeo


The little Osella team had spent much of 1983 living from race to race, trying to score the turbo engine deal that was every team’s only hope for remaining competitive. Having persuaded Alfa Romeo to change their overweight V12s for the same V8 turbos that the works team had, and with a new chassis by Tony Southgate based on the Alfa Romeo 183T, Enzo Osella and the boys looked forward to a better season in 1984. They will run a single car for Piercarlo Ghinzani, but hope that finances and practicalities will allow them to add a second for their Austrian test driver Jo Gartner later in the season.

Ghinzani24. Piercarlo Ghinzani it

The affable Italian hadn’t had the best of seasons in the first half of 1983 – his number-one driver status put him in the Alfa Romeo-powered car before his team-mate Corrado Fabi, and he therefore took the brunt of its teething troubles. Nonetheless, he remained cheerful, professional and well-mannered on the track while being lapped (unlike his predecessor Jean-Pierre Jarier) and his times improved towards the end of the season. Hopefully his perseverance and loyalty will be rewarded with a better car and better fortune in 1984.


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