Osella-Alfa Romeo

As in 1984, Osella began the season with a single car for Piercarlo Ghinzani, but they decided to register a second car to prevent a repeat of Jo Gartner being denied points through being a late addition. In fact, it was initially Gartner who was thought to be driving, but after lobbying hard for the Toleman drive, Ghinzani got the nod and Gartner was left without a seat. The new FA1G was ready for the start of the season, but the team would once again be at the mercy of the Alfa Romeo turbo engine, having to hope that the fuel consumption issues had been solved.

Ghinzani24. Piercarlo Ghinzani it

The affable Italian had won admirers in 1984 among anyone paying attention to the back of the field, not least for his refusal to let a big shunt at Kyalami faze him, arriving in Zolder with bandages on his hands. His cheery demeanour and the hard-trying nature of the Italian team gained both a lot of friends in the paddock, and there were many smiles when he scored his first points in Dallas. As he begins his third full year with the team, they have to an extent become synonymous with each other and he will hope that the new car gives him a chance to show his worth more.


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