After the shock of their 1984 disqualification, Ken Tyrrell spent much of the winter period negotiating with FOCA over the conditions for their re-entry to the paddock. Eventually a deal was struck whereby the disqualification would stand, but Tyrrell would be re-admitted to the championship and awarded travelling expenses commensurate to where they would have finished. As a sign of goodwill, FOCA also smoothed ruffled feathers to set up a turbo engine deal with Renault to enable Tyrrell to be competitive in 1985 without resorting to zany schemes. The engines would be ready later in the season; for the moment the team would use last year’s car. On driving duties again would be Stefan Bellof – now free of his sportscar contract after winning the 1984 title – and Martin Brundle, whose injuries from Dallas had healed sufficiently to put him back in contention. All concerned would be keen to put 1984 behind them and look to the future.

Brundle3. Martin Brundle gb

Stefan Bellof might have grabbed the headlines with his heroics in Monaco, but Brundle had equally impressed with his speed and smooth style, in contrast to the Rosberg-style scruff-of-the-neck driving the German favoured. Scoring points on his debut, and second in Detroit before his accident in Dallas, Brundle was very impressive throughout 1984 until his crash, and will hope he can quickly regain that form.

Bellof4. Stefan Bellof de

Alongside Ayrton Senna, Stefan Bellof was the big new story of 1984, often qualifying badly but then putting in a rocket start and flinging the car around the track in an entertaining manner. He was a joy to watch, especially in the wet at Monaco, and had little respect for big star names, but perhaps his raggedy-edge style led to a few more accidents than Brundle. However, now being able to concentrate on F1 solely will help him as well.


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