French former racing driver Gerard Larrousse had been running the Renault factory team for its last two years in 1984 and 85, and with its departure thoughts turned to founding his own team. Partnering up with businessman Didier Calmels, the team, officially known as Larrousse-Calmels were based in the southern Paris suburb of Antony and signed a three-year contract with Lola Cars to build the chassis for them. Lola’s name had been attached to 1986’s Haas team through Haas’ connections as a distributor rather than for any actual involvement, but this time they would have a more direct involvement.

Using the Ford DFZ atmo engine for a single entry piloted by Philippe Alliot, the team would be contesting the Jim Clark and Colin Chapman trophies.


Alliot 8829. Phillippe Alliot fr

Alliot’s Formula One career had not been a particular success so far, having been a distinct second best to Jonathan Palmer at the dreadful RAM team before returning to F3000 in 1986, prior to being called up by Ligier to replace the injured Jacques Laffite. He had scored a point at least in Mexico but as with RAM the equipment just wasn’t there for him to demonstrate what talent he did or didn’t have. The new team was unlikely to do better immediately, but who knows what might come in the future?


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