Minardi-Motori Moderni

Despite all the problems associated with the overweight, underpowered Motori Moderni engines, financial pressures meant that Giancarlo Minardi’s impecunious outfit were forced to continue with them. Giacomo Calin’s new M187 chassis was at least smartly turned out in a striking version of the team’s black and yellow colour scheme, and Italian sports footwear firm Simod provided financing, as did Spanish fashion brand Lois. In fact, Lois also helped bring in one of their drivers; the well-heeled Spaniard Adrian Campos having personal sponsorship from their parent company.

The one bright spot for the team is their retention of talented youngster Alessandro Nannini in the second car.


Campos 8723. Adrian Campos es

Scion of a wealthy industrial family, Adrian Campos Suner made headlines for all the wrong reasons when at a young age he was kidnapped and held for ransom by Basque separatist group ETA. He was already racing radio-controlled cars by that stage and on his release continued to do so, now with a bodyguard in attendance. His attempts to break into the world of single-seat racing were largely unsuccessful but eventually he managed to finish third in the 1985 German Formula 3 series and graduated to F3000 in 1986 while also testing occasionally for Tyrrell. Nonetheless, it was his ample sponsorship rather than any great talent which put him in the Minardi seat for 1987.


Nannini 8724. Alessandro Nannini it

The chain-smoking Italian had endured a trying debut season with Minardi, only seeing the chequered flag twice during the season – and one of those times he was so far behind as to be unclassified. Nonetheless, the young man had conducted himself professionally on and off the track, shown flashes of talent and was widely held to be much better than his car was allowing him to show. Hope for better luck in 1987 for Sandro.


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