Osella-Alfa Romeo

The little Osella team astonishingly begin their eighth season in F1 despite only having accrued 5 points in total (3 for Jarier’s 4th place in San Marino ’82, 2 for Ghinzani’s 5th place at Dallas in ’84)  during that time. The FA1G was yet another version of the 1983 Alfa Romeo chassis and the Alfa Romeo 890T engine dated back to 1984 and it was difficult to see how the team could do anything except circulate at the back and just hope to finish occasionally. To cut costs, Enzo Osella has reluctantly reduced his entry to a single car, though he hopes to enter a second when the opportunity arises so has registered race numbers 21 and 22 so any second car will be eligible for points.

New sponsorship from Swiss electronics firm Landis & Gyr, and a new driver in the shape of Alex Caffi, but most expect the same old story.


caffi21. Alex Caffi it

Caffi had made a debut in 1986 with the Osella team, deputising for Allen Berg at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, but had otherwise spent the season in Italian Formula 3. He had finished as a runner up in 1984 to Alessandro Santin and in 1985 to Franco Forini, but in 1986 the competition was even stronger and he could only manage third to Nicola Larini and Stefano Modena. Nonetheless, the quiet, thoughtful Italian seemed a talented chap, and one could only hope he would do enough in the dreadful Osella to be noticed.


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