Arrows had had a pretty good season in 1987, all things considered, with six points finishes. The Megatron (rebadged BMW) engine was a source of frustration, though, with a tendency to blow its pop-off valves off too early and not develop its full power. With the boost limit lowering from 4 to 2.5 bar in 1988, this was a potential cause for concern but if Heini Mader the engine guru could find a solution then all the other elements were in place: the chassis was good, the drivers excellent and continuity helped with stability.

Warwick 8717. Derek Warwick gb

On paper, Warwick’s 1987 season wasn’t stellar with just 3 points scored, but he definitely had the brunt of the bad luck with 10 retirements out of 16 races and when running he always looked combative and competitive. Back in the early 80s he looked like a champion in waiting – he may sense the chance is slipping away now, but he seems happy enough to strap on a car and go racing.


Cheever 8718. Eddie Cheever us

“Fast Eddie” had slightly better luck than Warwick with reliability in 1987 (finishing 7 races to Warwick’s 6) and scored four times to Derek’s twice. Another driver whose potential had never quite been fulfilled, he was a good match to the Englishman’s cheerful demeanour off the track and combativeness on it.


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