Enzo Coloni’s team dipped their toe in the F1 waters in 1987, qualifying once in two attempts, then breaking down after 8 laps. Not a stellar debut, but something to build on. The “new” car, the FC188, was essentially identical to the 1987 trailblazer, but had been refined and tested over the winter period and many of the gremlins had been worked out. With Nicola Larini moving on to Osella, Gabriele Tarquini came the other way to head up Coloni’s first full season.

88tarquini31. Gabriele Tarquini it

Tarquini had made his F1 debut in a one-off drive in the Osella at Imola in 1987, before returning to his F3000 team and taking his best result – second – also at Imola. He had driven for Coloni in F3000 in 1986, and was a natural choice for the team to come to for their F1 debut proper.


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