Larrousse Calmels Lola-Ford

Continuity at the clumsily-monikered French team, as Messieurs Larrousse and Calmels once more have their cars built by the Lola concern who must therefore be registered as the official Constructor. This year’s effort, the LC88, is a revised version of the LC87, especially around the front suspension, mounting the same Ford DFZ engine as last year.

Drivers Philippe Alliot and Yannick Dalmas continue into 1988 as the team expands to two cars for the whole season (meaning any points Dalmas scores will now count), and pre-season testing has looked promising

dalmas29. Yannick Dalmas fr

Although Alliot is the nominal team leader, Dalmas takes the number 29 to give continuity in numbers. It’s difficult to assess Dalmas’ form in 1988 on only three races, but he certainly proved no slouch and would have scored if his car had been registered. How he develops will in large part depend on what this year’s Lola allows, but he could be one to watch for the future.


88alliot30. Philippe Alliot fr

Maturing from his days as a mobile chicane and trip hazard in the RAM, Alliot was a safe if unexciting pair of hands for the 1987 car and scored a point on three occasions, largely by simply still running at the end in high-attrition races. He only finished three other races, though, and with more reliability could show himself in a better light still.


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