88eurobrunA collaboration between the Euroracing team who had run the Alfa-Romeo outfit between 1982 and 1985 and Swiss slot-machine entrepreneur Walter Brun and his sportscar team. A chassis was drawn up by Mario Tolentino, mounting the Ford DFZ engine, and although the team was not rich, it debuted with two cars, hiring talented Italian Stefano Modena (who had ably substituted in the Brabham in Australia) and longtime Brun driver Oscar Larrauri.

Nobody knew a lot about the team and the car didn’t look much visually, but Modena had been tipped for great things and he was regarded as something of a catch. Could be worth keeping an eye on them.

88larrauri32. Oscar Larrauri ar

Born in the northern Argentine city of Granadero Baigorria, Larrauri had come into F1 by an unconventional route; although he had driven some single-seaters in the shape of European F2 in 1983 (for Minardi), he had found his niche in sportscar racing. Signed by Walter Brun in 1984, he had spent three years co-driving Porsche 926Cs with Brun himself and came into the EuroBrun F1 effort at the late age of 33.

aus87-modena33. Stefano Modena it

Despite being described as one to watch for the future, few seemed willing to take a punt on the inexperienced Modena on the strength of his one race for Brabham, so he had to take work wherever he could get it, and it was EuroBrun who called first. Modena had encountered them before, having driven Ralts for Euroracing back in his F3 days.


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