For the last few years, the Arrows team had been enjoying reasonable results but always felt hampered by their increasingly sluggish and outdated BMW (latterly Megatron) engines. Now, a fresh start beckoned with a level playing-field as the team were one of many customers for the Ford DFR engine, which would be housed in Ross Brawn’s latest chassis, the A11. With Derek Warwick and Eddie Cheever continuing on driving duties for a third year, the team had two fast, reliable drivers who got on well. One of only a few teams who could look back on 1988 with satisfaction, Arrows looked forward to even better in 1989 and their asymetric paint job was turning heads before the season even started.

89Warwick9. Derek Warwick gb

Warwick had had a good 1988 season, finishing seven times in the points though never quite making it onto the podium as team-mate Cheever had. The pair had spent quite a lot of 1988 running together on their own, having a little private race, usually better than the midfield but not quite good enough to challenge the leaders. Derek didn’t seem to mind, though, and seemed just to be enjoying his racing.


89Cheever10. Eddie Cheever us

The Rome-born American was, like Warwick, enjoying life at Arrows and had been delighted to end up on the podium in Italy and soak up the atmosphere at that famous Ferrari win. Outside that, his results hadn’t been as good as Warwick’s and he’d had the lion’s share of the mechanical problems. Like Warwick, he was looking forward to a better engine in 1989 without a full second’s delay between pressing the pedal and getting the power.


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