BMS Scuderia Italia Dallara-Ford


Alex Caffi had made a good showing in 1988, only failing to qualify once, managing tenth on the grid in Hungary and coming close to scoring on a couple of occasions. The reliability of the F188 chassis was pretty good by comparison with the other smaller teams and seemed to be neat, quick and well-designed. For 1989, Dallara’s design partner Sergio Rinland returned to Brabham, so the F189 was designed by Gian Paolo Dallara and Mario Tolentino. Like other Cosworth-engined teams, Ford upgraded the team to use the latest DFR engine and owner Beppe Lucchini decided to expand to two cars, signing the experienced Andrea de Cesaris to partner Caffi.

88caffi21. Alex Caffi it

After a slow start to the season, Caffi attracted favourable notices in the middle races with a series of good qualifying runs, sensible races and finishes.

He’s certainly done his career prospects no harm so far, and will be hoping that his car will allow him to show his talent in the season to come.

89DeCesaris22. Andrea de Cesaris it

De Cesaris joins his eighth team in his tenth year of Formula One – a statistic that says much about his career as any other. His wilder tendencies have largely been tamed these days but he’s not covered himself in glory either, touring round a series of struggling teams bringing Marlboro money and a (mostly) safe pair of hands. Nonetheless, he had put in some good shifts in the Rial in 1988, coming fourth in Detroit and qualifying for every race – not bad for a brand new team.


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