Enzo Coloni’s little squad had had mixed fortunes in 1988. Gabriele Tarquini often struggled to qualify, sometimes even to pre-qualify the car, but when he did he managed to put in some decent drives, the highlight being an 8th place finish in Canada. While Christian Vanderpleyn works on a new chassis, the team will be taking to the track with an updated FC188. Or rather, two, because despite finances continuing to be short the team have expanded to two cars for 1989 with Roberto Moreno and Pierre-Henri Raphanel on driving duties. Competition will be fierce at the bottom end of the grid with 14 drivers in pre-qualifying.

89moreno.jpg31. Roberto Moreno br

The genial Brazilian just hadn’t had the breaks in his racing career. He had had two races as a substitute with AGS in 1987 and even scored a point for them in Australia bu twas nonetheless unable to secure a seat in 1988. Instead he signed a testing contract with Ferrari and returned to Formula 3000, taking four wins for the sponsorless Bromley Motorsport team. Even this didn’t get the attention of any F1 teams and it was only through Ferrari’s good offices that he landed a drive with Coloni. Would this be his last chance to break into F1?

88Raphanel32. Pierre-Henri Raphanel fr

Raphanel’s sole outing in F1 so far was with Larrousse-Calmels at the Australian Grand Prix at the end of 1988, when he had had gearbox problems and failed to qualify. However, he was still highly-regarded; sufficiently at least to secure a drive with the COloni outfit as it expanded to two cars in 1989.


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