Larrousse-Calmels Lola-Lamborghini

89Lola.jpgMessrs Larrousse and  Calmels enter their third season of Formula One with an unchanged driver lineup of Alliot and Dalmas. 1988 hadn’t been a classic season, with a pair of 7th places for Yannick the high point, but the cars only failed to qualify on two occasions – one of which was Pierre-Henri Raphanel’s substitute drive in Australia. For 1989, though, the team would have exclusive use of the new Lamborghini V12 engine designed by ex-Ferrari Mauro Forghieri. The new power unit’s capabilities were still a bit of an unknown quantity, with the new chassis not being ready yet, and the team would have to race an updated LC88 chassis in Brazil. They remained the most colourful team on the grid, even if their name was now even more of a mouthful than ever before.

dalmas29. Yannick Dalmas fr

Dalmas had had the better season of the two drivers in 1988 until his unfortunate bout of Legionnaire’s Disease put him out of contention. Despite the disease sometimes causing impaired motor function, Dalmas appears to have made a full recovery and will look forward to getting back in the saddle and continue his battles with Alliot in 1989.


88alliot30. Philippe Alliot fr

Alliot has been with the team since its inception in 1987 and scored three times with them in that first season. Results in 1988 were thinner on the ground and he retired twice as often as Dalmas (8 v 4)  with a best finish of 9th. As the unofficial team leader, he would hope for 1989 to bring more competitiveness and reliability as well as re-establishing himself over Dalmas.


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