Leyton House-Judd

1990 Leyton House CG901 formula one f-1 race racing dg

The March team – now the Leyton House team following the purchase of the team by the Japanese group – had a disappointing 1989 following their eye-opening successes in 1988, and would hope that Adrien Newey’s new CG901 chassis would prove more reliable than its predecessor. The team kept faith with drivers Capelli and Gugelmin for 1990 as well as keeing most of the backroom staff. The question would be whether such continuity was the right move after a bad season.

90Gugelmin.jpg15. Maurício Gugelmin br

Gugelmin had taken March’s only points of 1989 at his home Grand Prix and came closest to doing so again, with three frustrating seventh-place finishes in Italy, Japan and Australia. While in 1988 he had been rather overshadowed by Capelli, 1989 had shown, for all its frustrations, that Gugelmin was just as capable a racer.


90Capelli.jpg16. Ivan Capelli it

The Italian must have found 1989 to challenge his traditional bonhomie and “joker” personality, but if so he didn’t show it. Outscored by his less high-profile team-mate, he had nonetheless done enough with the equipment at hand to have not gone down in public estimation and all waited to see how he would fare in 1990.


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