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The French team would look back on 1989 as a season of unfulfilled promise, with the JS33 car proving unreliable and not quick enough despite its good testing times. With Arnoux and Grouillard both moving on, the team have recruited Nicola Larini and Philippe Alliot – both drivers who showed good qualifying pace in inferior cars in 1989 and the team hope this will help drag them out of the doldrums. However, with the 1990 car a simple update of 1989’s chassis it may not be enough.

90Larini.jpg25. Nicola Larini it

Larini had had a decent year in 1989, despite the limitations of the Osella chassis and the lottery of pre-qualifying. Particularly later in the season with an updated chassis, he managed to qualify as high as 10th in Japan and despite only finishing one race – San Marino in 12th, and indeed he’d been running as high as sixth before having mechanical trouble.

90Alliot226. Philippe Alliot fr

Dropped rather unceremoniously after three years with the Larrousse team, Alliot has gained one favourable reputation and one less so: like Larini he usually qualified well and sometimes very well, even once the team dropped into pre-qualifying. On the other hand, once in the race ,he tended to be rather accident-prone and when the car didn’t fail he was often to be found in a gravel trap or a wall, sometimes accompanied by someone else.














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