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The Osella team had seen much improvement in their fortunes in 1990 – not that they actually finished more than one race in their 38 attempts, but the talented Nicola Larini put in some good qualifying performances and showed that the FA1M had potential. Nonetheless, after competing since 1981 for scant reward, Enzo Osella made the decision to sell up to Gabriele Rumi, whose Fondmetal firm had provided sponsorship in 1989. An evolution of the chassis would be driven by French youngster Olivier Grouillard. Could some new backing provide more than just a new paint job?

90Grouillard14. Olivier Grouillard fr

The young Frenchman had had a mixed debut season with Ligier. Repeatedly faster than the veteran Arnoux, he had nonetheless allowed his immaturity to show on occasion and seemed at some points to have picked up Arnoux’s reputation as a blocker; difficult to lap and something of a mobile chicane. Osella would be hoping that he can bring some more maturity to his speed in his sophomore year.


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