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Ken Tyrrell does seem rather unable to hold onto a sponsor for more than a season at a time – Camel were on their way again, though this did at least mean no clashes with Jean Alesi’s new personal Marlboro sponsorship. The team went out instead with a smart navy and white livery on the excellent 1989 chassis, while Harvey Postlethwaite and Jean-Claude Migeot prepared a new car for later in the season. Joining “find of 89” Alesi was Satoru Nakajima, bringint with him sponsorship from Epson and Nippon Shinpan. Nakajima was the advance guard of a deal which would see Tyrrell using the all-conquering Honda V10 engine in 1991…

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Japan’s first full-time F1 driver had been at Lotus for three years and had shown himself to be a safe pair of hands. 1989 hadn’t been a vintage year in all honesty, and his fourth place in Australia was his only points-scoring finish, but he had been contending with substandard cars for two years now; would the capable Tyrrell 019 prove any better?

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The French-Sicilian would be Tyrrell’s lead driver for 1990, his first full season in Formula One – what was remarkable, however, was that this wasn’t seen as particularly remarkable. He had made a superb impact on his eight appearances in 1989, scoring on three occasions and decisively outperforming the more experienced Jonathan Palmer.


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