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The little Coloni team have struggled to make an impact ever since entering Formula One back in 1987, and will be hoping that their new partnership with Japanese engineering giant Subaru will bear fruit. The engine has been designed in conjunction with Carlo Chiti’s Motori Moderni outfit which used to supply Minardi and indeed the engine was tested in their chassis before Subaru switched to Coloni. Chiti’s design is a “boxer-12” design with cylinders mounted horizontally in opposition rather than in a V configuration, and it is hoped to take advantage of its lower centre of gravity with a similar power output to the Ford DFR.  Driving the single car is Bertrand Gachot.

90gachot.jpg31. Bertrand Gachot be

After a difficult start with an Onyx team also feeling their way in F1, Gachot quickly showed that he was a decent driver and gave the more experienced Stefan Johansson a run for his money. He was unfortunate to be the scapecoat for Jean-Pierre van Rossem’s eccentricities and somehow it seems unlikely that Scuderia Coloni will provide an ideal shop window for his talents.


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