Arrows seemed to have scored something of a coup in 1990 by beating the Onyx team to sign terms for Porsche engines for 1991. The German manufacturer has been out of F1 for three years after ending its TAG-badged McLaren deal, but has a fine pedigree at all levels of motorsport. However, things seem to have come unstuck a little over the winter as the 3512 V12 engine proved too bulky for the new FA12 chassis. While the team work to make it fit, the venerable A11 chassis (first seen in 1989) will fill in. The team will just hope that the new car isn’t too long in coming and works well when it does.

8e8e2a43001b51917feeb8ca3640548c.jpg9. Michele Alboreto it

Alboreto’s 1990 had not been spectacular, but it was seen as a development year for the team with an old chassis and a sense of waiting on the collaboration with Porsche. Nonetheless, the car was reliable if not fast, and Alboreto often managed to qualify well and finish in the top ten. He has gelled well in the team and if he feels he’s on a bit of a comedown from his Ferrari days, he’s not showing it. At 34, he’s unlikely to be picked up by a top team again, but if the Porsche package delivers, he can at least position himself to go into the end phase of his career with head held high.


Related image10. Alex Caffi it

The young Italian has  never quite delivered on his promise, but he had a solid 1990 and finished consistently in the top ten as well as scoring the team’s only points with 5th place in Monaco. Perhaps more than Alboreto, Caffi needs the 1991 season to go well for him, to maintain the upward momentum of his career and bring him to the notice of the big boys


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