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After fairly successful 1989 and 1990 seasons, Tyrrell had managed to accrue a healthy sponsor package for a change, with the Braun electrical brand in the title spot, and there was plenty of reason to be confident for 1991. Satoru Nakajima had helped them land a contract to run the 1990-spec Honda V10 engine used to such good effect in the McLaren, the new 020 chassis was a development of the revolutionary 019 and the highly-rated Stefano Modena had joined from the disappointing Brabham squad. After a decade in the wilderness, could Tyrrell be on their way back to the top?

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Entering his fifth year of Formula One at the age of 37, Naka-san is unlikely to improve on his reputation for being a safe, steady but uninspired pair of hands. However, his good offices have helped bring Tyrrell their potentially game-changing engine deal and if he can just bring the car home in the points now and then, he’ll have done a good job.


modena.jpg4. Stefano Modena it

Modena has been touted as a star of the future since he first appeared in F1 with a couple of one-off drives in 1987. A dispiriting 1988 with EuroBrun and a frustrating two years at a stuttering Brabham team have dented that reputation despite his podium in Monaco ’89 but there’s a sense that this move to Tyrrell is his big break and some bold pundits are even predicting a shock win may be on the cards for the Italian.


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