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The little French garage team struggle on into 1991 with last year’s car and engine – which only made the grid nine times and only finished three – Dalmas’ ninth place in Spain the highlight. With no money and no development, it’s difficult to see how they can make progress in 1991, but they have retained the services of the talented Tarquini and recruited the experienced Stefan Johansson to replace Dalmas, who has moved on to sportscar racing.

74693-5558631Fr17. Gabriele Tarquini it

The Italian begins his third season with the AGS team, to whom he has given so much for so little reward. A frustrating 1990 season saw him only see the chequered flag once – 15th in Hungary – but if everyone else had forgotten his early 1989 form, the team obviously hadn’t. It’s a shame though that his evident talent hasn’t been more widely recognised.

74693-5558634Fr18. Stefan Johansson se

For a brief, glorious moment in 1989, it looked like the Onyx team might be Johansson’s ticket to an unlikely F1 comeback. Instead, he was forced out of the team early on, which may have been a blessing in disguise in the end. AGS are unlikely to prove a fresh start, but it’s a job, and he should provide them some solid feedback and be a safe pair of hands.


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