Leyton House-Ilmor

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The March team had made waves in 1988 but struggled in 1989 and 1990, and although Adrian Newey made enough improvements to fix the problems before leaving for Williams in mid-season, it wasn’t enough to make the team competitive despite the heroics at Paul Ricard. The new GC911 chassis, drawn by Chris Murphy and Gustav Brunner will mount an engine from new-to-F1 manufacturer Ilmor; co-founded by Mario Ilien and Paul Morgan in 1983, the firm had been supplying to IndyCar teams since. They had a new V10 engine which was exclusively supplied to Leyton House and continuing drivers Capelli and Gugelmin would hope it did the business for them.

mauricio-gugelmin-piloto-da-leyton-house-march-na-formula-1-em-1989-1415393736849_300x30015. Maurício Gugelmin br

A troubled 1990 saw Gugelmin fail to qualify four times in the first six races and although he ran second to Ivan Capelli for much of the French GP, he didn’t even get a result there due to car failure and ended the season with just one point. Nonetheless, none of that was his fault – the car was just dreadful and he usually ran well enough before he broke down. After three years at the March-Leyton House squad, he will be looking to kick on and come out from under the shadow of the flamboyant Capelli.


Image result for ivan capelli 199116. Ivan Capelli it

Like Gugelmin, Capelli suffered early in the season from a basic lack of speed and after France from a basic lack of reliability. Unlike his teammate, he had the luck on his side, and was able to parlay a great race at Paul Ricard into a podium place – his only points of the season – and with a little more luck could have won. Nonetheless, he showed that he has a level head in the cockpit and despite the results not being there, his stock has risen still further.


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